Cork Dojo

Liberty House, Liberty Street, Cork City

The dojo is located in the centre of Cork City in Liberty Street above the Raven pub. There is a bell at the door, and this bell is for the dojo. Please ring the bell and someone will open the door.

The person responsible for this dojo is Alain Gargam GYO RIKI (which means ‘the strength of the practice’). He has been practising zen since 1995, in 1997 he spent a year living at the temple of La Gendronniere and took bodhisattva ordination from Michel Bovay. He has spent many years practicing here in Ireland with Alain Liebmann and the Irish Sangha.

For information please email:

or call Alain Gargam: (087) 695 3746

You can follow us on Facebook at: Liberty Zen in Cork

  • Meditation time:
  • Thursday Evening Zazen: 6:30pm - 7:30pm

  • Please arrive 10 minutes beforehand.