Zen in Ireland

Dublin Dojo

1 Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin 1 (near Mountjoy Square)

Meditation times:
Monday: 7am
Tuesday: 7am
Wednesday: 7am; 6.15pm
Thursday: 7am
Sunday: 6.15pm; beginner's introduction at 5.40pm
Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start.
There is no meditation on the Sunday and Monday of Bank Holiday weekends, nor is there meditation on Sunday evenings of a Zazen Day.

You can contact us by email: . Please state that you want information for the Dublin dojo.

The next Zazen Day in the Dublin dojo will be on Saturday, November 1. This will be a half day, and is being organised with the Ranelagh group. The day will begin at 8 40 am and end around 1 pm. There will be tea before 11 am but we will not be serving lunch - just to keep things simple - this time. Beginners welcome. Send an email if you would like to come.

A new venue has opened for Monday evening zazen practice in Ranelagh, starting at 8 00 pm, for details see Ranelagh Zen

Dublin Dojo